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This is Bali

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The delicious taste of a fresh fruit smoothie bowl, the sweet aroma of brightly coloured offerings aligning the streets, the beautiful colours of the women’s traditional dress, the

sound of helmet-less motorbike drivers screeching to their next destinations, stray dogs seamlessly wandering the paths, a breath taking view of luscious green rice fields in the distance, pristine beaches, the occasional volcanic rumble and some of the sweetest local people you will ever meet.

This is Bali, one of my favorite destinations of all.

My Top 4 Balinese Destinations


Where to stay?

Meriki Apartments - Solo Travel Budget Option

Every time I stay in Seminyak I stay at Meriki Apartments. I either stay in the dorm room or in a garden view private room. Both are priced extremely reasonably for what you get in this quaint little spot, just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of the main Seminyak strip. A single bed in a dorm is around £6 a night and you can add a delicious breakfast on to that for just £2. A deluxe room with a garden view or pool room is priced at around £20 per night. The rooms are extremely large and spacious and immaculately clean. The owner is a Swedish man and his Balinese wife who I became great friends with during my stay, they will help you with anything you need regarding your travels around Bali.

The Seminyak Beach Resort and Spa

This resort is absolutely stunning. Perfect for friends looking for relaxation in luxury spa accommodation or a couple on a romantic getaway. Prices start from around £120 per night. This hotel is in a great location close to the main shopping street with bars and restaurants. It boasts quiet, modern and immaculate gardens along with beautiful pools areas. Staff will go above and beyond to ensure you have the perfect stay.

Where to Eat?

Tasty Vegan

This is a hidden little gem placed just off the back roads of the main Seminyak strip. The owner of this restaurant set up by himself and when I first went there two years ago, he ran the business completely alone. As it has gotten more popular, he has taken on more staff but it still has a lovely homely feel to it. The menu is filled with beautiful Indonesian food packed with fresh vegetables and the most amazing Tempe. The vegan saif tay is so tasty and delicious. I am not vegan, but I could be every single day for this restaurant. If you go here don’t forget to try one of their delicious homemade smoothies. The perfect spot for solo travellers to sit alone, enjoy their meal and read a book.

Nalu Bowls

A little more on the expensive side but I used to love taking a walk here to enjoy a delicious fresh and fruity smoothie bowl whilst reading my book. I always go for the ‘pipeline’ bowl ‘feel like you are in a Hawaiian paradise with the creamy Pina colada bowl. BANANA, PINEAPPLE, MANGO, COCONUT, COCONUT MILK ,COCONUT WATER’ They also offer a delicious alternative breakfast menu if you fancy something other than a smoothie bowl.


Sisterfields is one of the most popular restaurants in Seminyak. It is Aussie inspired and a little more on the expensive for budget travellers. If you are in Seminyak you have to try this delicious menu.

What to do?


Lounge by the pool, read a book, take yourself on long walks, listen to calming music, watch sunsets on the beach and enjoy every beautiful mouthful of the various delicious food Seminyak has to offer.


Seminyak is a great place to learn how to surf. You can take beginners lesson for around 30 pounds an hour. The waves aren't so big, so its perfect for beginners hoping to catch a wave.

Where to party?

Party hotspots in Seminyak are Club Mexicana and La Favela. Drinks in both these bars are Australian prices so very expensive. If you are on a backpackers budget buy drinks from the local supermarket and then pre-drink before you head out for the night. If you are not; then indulge in the delicious variety of cocktails at Club Mexicana before heading to La Favela.


Where to stay?

Pillow Inn - Budget Option

This is the best option for female solo travelers. Who doesn't love a pod bed? Each pod has its own curtain, safety box, mirror and reading lamp. The hostel has rooftop bar with a swimming pool, free daily yoga everyday, restaurant on site and movie and pizza evenings. Can't go wrong.

Calma Ubud

This hotel is paradise. If you are on a holiday and not a backpackers budget this is the hotel for you.

Priced at £86 a night it has obviously rocketed in popularity since I stayed here, and they have been able to raise the price. If it is in your budget, stay at this hotel. The infinity pool views are out of this world and the rooms are nothing short of immaculate. It is a fifteen-minute shuttle ride into the centre and a free shuttle is provided by the hotel. The grounds are pristine, and you are surrounded by luscious green rice fields.

Where to Eat?

Kedai D’Sawa

This little gem hasn’t been found yet by many tourists, but it is a favourite among the locals. The food is delicious, but the views of the ricefields are what make it the perfect place to eat. You can eat traditional Indonesian food with a beer for around £3.

What to do?

  • Trail through the monkey forest and make lots of small furry friends

  • Make silver jewelry

  • Eat lots of organic Indonesian food

  • Climb Mount Batur

Where to party?

L.O.L Bar

LOL bar is a backpacker hot-spot offering cheap beers and live reggae music every night.


Where to stay?

Gravity Hotel-A MUST

If you do anything in Bali stay in this hotel. It is a little bit far away from the hustle and bustle but it is so worth it for a few nights of pure relaxation.

Uluwatu Backpackers - Budget Option

Cheap and friendly backpackers, perfect for solo travellers.

What to do?

In Uluwatu I tend to do a lot of lazing around on a sun lounger sipping a coconut, cooling myself off in the pool. But Uluwatu also have some of Bali’s most outstanding white sand beaches. Be sure to visit these if you are in Uluwatu.

  • This little gem hasn’t been found yet by many tourists, but it is a favourite among the locals. The food is delicious, but the views of the rice fields are what make it the perfect place to eat. You can eat traditional Indonesian food with a beer for around £3.

  • Karma Beach, Uluwatu                               

  • Green Bowl Beach, Uluwatu

  • Nyang Nyang Beach, Uluwatu

  • Padang Padang Beach, Uluwatu

Where to party?

Single Fin

Make sure your trip to Uluwatu falls on a Sunday so you can party at Single Fin. It is a great night out starting with an amazing sunset watching over the surfers, delicious food and drinks and later on a DJ will take over and you can dance the night away.


Where to stay?

Mojo Surf - Budget Option

Mojo surf has dorm rooms or private rooms depending on what you prefer. It is proximity to the beach and offer great surf packages.

Boho Ccangu

A beautiful place to stay surrounded by rice fields.

Where to Eat?

The Lawn

The lawn has long been considered one of the best beachfront destinations for dinner with a view’. ‘Showcasing uninterrupted views of the ocean and thus incomparable views of the sunset, there aren’t many other dinner venues that match to this level of dining experience’- Asian-Wanderlust. They have an Australian menu featuring faced Split King Prawns and the crowd favourite Mac & Cheese Balls.

Pit Stop Burgers

Please just try one; life-changing. Cheap and delicious.

What to do?

Ccangu is really the hippie town of Bali. It has a real bohemium vibe and if you find yourself here just make the most of the relaxed atmosphere.

Where to party?

Old Mans Club

The most popular beachfront bar in Ccangu. There is different event on every night of the week.

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