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An Insiders Guide to Koh Lanta Island

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Koh Lanta Island in the South of Thailand is a tropical paradise. It is located just off the coast of Krabi. Koh Lanta offers some of Thailand's most beautiful beaches, stunning mangroves and stunning forests. Koh Lanta is my personal favourite place in Thailand. It is perfect for relaxation but also offers a great nightlife and food scene. I am always slightly apprehensive about telling people about this little island that is so special to me as I'd love to keep it all for myself. But its only fair that everybody else gets to experience the beauty and charm of Koh Lanta. Recently, I have returned from four months being quarantined on the island in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although, being quarantined there under such devastating circumstances wasn't ideal; I can honestly say there is no where-else I would have wanted to be 'stuck'. This paradise island became my home, and the lovely local people like family.

Now I am going to share it with you.

Getting There

The most popular routes are:

Where to stay

In my opinion, Long Beach is the best location to stay in Koh Lanta. There are also a variety of other beaches that are well worth checking out if you prefer to be a little more out of the way; Khlong Dao, Khlong Khlong, Khlong Nin. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter where you are based as its so cheap to hire a motorcycle and explore the rest of the island.

Luxury Accommodation

1. Pimalai Resort and Spa

2. Layana Resort and Spa

3. Twin Lotus Resort and Spa

Budget Hotels

1. Lanta Casuarina

2. Moonlight Exotic Hotels

3. Lanta Casa Blanca


1. Long Beach Hostel (My favourite hostel on Lanta)

2. Blanco Hostel (Best for partying)

3. Non La Mer Hostel

Where to eat

1. El Greco- Greek Taverna

Please go here and get a chicken souvlaki. Everything on the menu is amazing, but the chicken souvlaki is something I crave on a daily basis.

2. Moo Uan (The Fat Pig)

This place is my ultimate favourite place to go for Breakfast. You can create your own, from a full English to a salmon, cream cheese bagel with asparagus. It is amazing!

3. Patty's Secret Garden

Amazing Authentic Thai food.

4. Le Colibiri

If you are craving pizza or pasta, there are a few Italian restaurants on the island, but for me, this one is the best.

5. Mr Wee Lanta

I had to add this because I go here twice a week, but I get the same black pepper white fish every time. It's just so good!

Where to drink

1. Sayang Beach Bar - For a delicious cocktail and an amazing sunset with great chilled sunset music.

2. Light House Bar - Often has DJ nights, where you can relax, drink beers and watch the sun go down.

3. The Beach- Pick up some beers from the local 7/11 and drink on the beach!

Where to Party

Check which night the party is on at certain bars, as they change where the party is each night.

1. Mushroom Bar

2. Pangea

3. Iries Bar

4. Ozone Bar

5. Korner Bar

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